Home Front


Home Front Episode 1

Welcome to Willshire Falls

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Funny thing about this family, they've grown to expect and accept the bizarre. I've never been asked "why did you start a soap opera?" only, "what day do I need to be at your house to shoot my scenes?"

Home Front Episode 2

Under Control!

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News of a hit soap opera spread through the Amari clan pretty quickly, and the 9 person cast became a 20 person production overnight!

Home Front Episode 3

The Bitch is Back

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Getting a groove going, the routine began to form. Write the show on Tuesday into Wednesday, setup shoot schedule for Thurs-Saturday, put together and create the show on Sunday-Monday, repeat.

Home Front Episode 4

Searching For Truth

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Tight Shots! Tight Shots! Tight Shots! That is how you create 24 scenes from 6 walls. That and an exercise machine that got more use as a hospital bed than it did as an all in one work out station.

Home Front Episode 5

Apology Unaccepted

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There's no other words than, WOW!

Riveting also comes to mind, suspense at its best.

Home Front Episode 6

Liar, Liar

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Really uncle Ed, you want in?

Luckily my quick thinking genius was able to intricately create and weave a character for "big Ed" to portray seamlessly.

Home Front Episode 7

All a Setup

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Midway through the series, we need a slimy biker looking guy, "hey uncle Vi, I heard you wanted a part in the show?"

No matter what the project, you want an ultimate professional, call Vito Amari!

Home Front Episode 8

Biding Time

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So, the ratings were in, and we needed more male sex appeal on the show. Hey Joey, lose the shirt.

Home Front Episode 9

New Beginnings

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Basements and street corners.

When all set locations were exhausted, we took it to the basement and streets to change the scenery a bit.

Home Front Episode 10


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Coming to the end now, at the time, I didn't know that there would only be 2 more shows left, but the availability and flexibility of everyone's schedules started to dwindle.