Off the Record

First time writer Peter Amari Jr. publishes his memoir.

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Off the Record, an autobiographical account of the life of Peter Amari Jr.

Sunday Morning Hockey at Meadowbrook

Our first attempt at an organized hockey league.

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To say me and Chris took recreational sports to a psychotic level is an understatement. This is an early example of what would turn out to be years and years of leagues, and fights and championships and people rotating in and out of our lives, etc...!!

Beam Us Up Scotty

A video made on our trip to Universal Studios 1992.

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Me, Sal, Anna, Joey, Lynda and Chris, decided to make a video as the cast of Star Trek at Universal Studios.

Homefront Award Show

Yes, I said it, there was an award show.

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For those who attended, you know what it was, for those who didn't, it was like the closest thing we will ever have to a red carpet experience.