Reviving the Music

From the streets of Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan, and a company called Western Electric, Pete and Steve have been friends with a connection to music.

In those early years, they performed together in a number of bands. As that journey ended in the late 70s, they decided to compose some original songs.

Oh, they had their ups and downs when it came to getting them published, but they never lost their love of writing. With a small amount of success, they put pencil to paper and carried on. Unfortunately, not much came of their work, except for the satisfaction that they wrote some "good stuff".

After 35 years passed, Pete called Steve and asked if he would consider resurrecting their tunes, reworking the original songs with a fresh, new approach.

This time, it wasn't with the hopes of getting published, but rather, to leave something behind for the people they cared about - family and friends.

This is the finished product these long-time friends have created. So, listen and hopefully enjoy the fruits of their labor - Pete & Steve "REVIVING THE MUSIC".

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