Pete's Al Yankovich

It's the Funky Philomena! Nough Said!

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Relive the magic, and I do mean magic, of the warped Amari minds as they disregard all family boundaries and ethics by desecrating a lovely Latin Christmas song by interjecting it into a Tone Loc classic, and releasing the Funky Philomena!!!

Q-Ripping our elders to shreds?

A-Eternity in hell

Q-Laughing our asses off?


Cynthia's Maiden Voyage

A collection of 60's hits sung by Cynthia Amari.

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Cynthia's first cover album.

Sgt Peppers Pete's Best

My rendition of Magical Mystery Tour meets Sgt. Pepper

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My favorites from Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Doc West 1972 Ultrasonic Studio

Three songs recorded at Ultrasonic Studio.

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How Do You Feel, From Us To You & Want A Slice of Pizza at Ultrasonic Studio.

Letters To Josephine

An album I made while dating my wife to be.

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I found that the only way I could say sappy shit, was through music. It's interesting what you turn to when you can't express like a normal human being!