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Home Front Episode 1

Welcome to Willshire Falls

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Funny thing about this family, they've grown to expect and accept the bizarre. I've never been asked "why did you start a soap opera?" only, "what day do I need to be at your house to shoot my scenes?"

The Band Defiance

The Gig At St. Brigids Autitorium

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Relive this action packed St. Brigid auditorium, 1984 concert, the way it should be relived. Dark, blurry, and distorted. A cannot miss extravaganza of music performed by the band known as "Defiance."


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Pete & Pete Productions is a fictitious production company that has been producing family hits since the early 90's. First established in 1992, we've gone on to produce albums, TV shows, movies, etc... The company was founded and named by Peter E. Amari Jr., in acknowledgement of collaborative ventures with his son Peter E. Amari III. The goal was, and still is, to promote 3 things:

  1. Family involement/enjoyment
  2. Fun memories
  3. A reason for us to do stupid shit

We hope you enjoy seeing, reading, and hearing items from the past, as well as our future endeavors.

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