Cesca's 7th Birthday

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Amid this pandemic known as Covid-19, we were forced to try and put together something that would make Cesca's birthday a special one, even though everything around us was off limits.

Reviving the Music

Pete and Steve original album release

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Not since Simon told Garfunkel to fuck off, has there been a bigger duo that the masses just prayed to have one more collaboration by!

After years and years of the fans beating down the doors, Pete and Steve have finally reunited to give us a modern and hip transformation of their greatest hits! And they didn't disappoint!

Click Here to listen to Reviving the Music.

Click Here to watch the video Tahiti.

Off the Record

First time writer Peter Amari Jr. publishes his memoir.

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Off the Record, an autobiographical account of the life of Peter Amari Jr.

Cooperstown 2002

The followup, another fun time in Cooperstown

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Second go around, hired videographer, same shitty loss!!! Haha