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Home Front Episode 1

Welcome to Willshire Falls

Funny thing about this family, they've grown to expect and accept the bizarre. I've never been asked "why did you start a soap opera?" only, "what day do I need to be at your house to shoot my scenes?"

A project, in the end, that probably enabled me to get married, (I'll tell that story at a later date) came from a place of self disappointment and embarrassment. One night at around 2am, I starred at the ceiling in my bedroom at Bleecker on the 3rd floor, a.k.a., the launch pad. Declaring once again that I just could not attend one more day of college, and really feeling like a complete failure, asshole, an outlet presented itself. I'm going to write and film my own soap opera

That night Jack Craddock was born, and so was some of the best months of my life. Funny how shit works!

In the first episode, we see the very limited cast set up their characters. Because Cynthia really couldn't walk, I figured, why not have Dom smack her over the leg in the opening scene? Here's the first episode of Home Front

Welcome to Willshire Falls
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